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Top 10 Tasks for a Virtual Assistant

When you start a small business or a freelance business it is difficult to decide which tasks you want to give your Virtual Assistant. As a owner you want to be able to do everything but its best to focus on those projects that are going to grow your business rather than than the maintenance part of it.

Here are the Top 10 Tasks You Can Delegate To Your Virtual Assistant(VA):

  1. Call answering – Many virtual assisting companies such as ExecVirtual offer receptionist services. Have your VA answering your calls so you are not getting interrupted by telemarketers. If its a client, you can give your VA a FAQ they can go off that way they can screen the call for you before they transfer it to you.
  2. Data Entry – Other than call answering, one of the most popular things to delegate to a VA is data entry! Whether its your expense report or your contact forms, your VA should be easily given this task. All information can be transferred through Dropbox or Google Drive.
  3. Appointment Setting – Share your calendar with your virtual assistant and have then set your appointments. You call also have them do appointment confirmations so you are not wasting time meeting with people who are a no show.
  4. AR/AP – Paying accounts and receiving payments are very time consuming task but also a task that should not be put off. This would be something a VA can do easily. They can make sure all accounts are paid, whether it is something your owe or services that you have already rendered. Of course without invoices being paid, you don't make money.
  5. Research – Are you planning to expand you company somehow but don't know yet how this can be done? Have your VA do the research for you. They can figure the costs, other providers, and examples of what you are looking to do.
  6. Event Planning – Event planning is stressful and takes a long time. You and your VA can discuss your want and needs and they can do all the coordinating and organizing for the event whether its a annual business trip, a presentation, or a trade show.
  7. Travel Booking – From the flight, to the car picking you up and your hotel, have your VA do all of it. They can forward the itinerary to you and make sure that everything is taken care of for you.
  8. Proofreading – A second pair of eyes is crucial when writing anything. Whether its a new marketing brochure, a new page to your site, or even a marketing campaign, allow someone to read it over. Our eyes can read something over and over and still miss it so allowing someone else to read it, will make it much easier to spot any errors.
  9. Social Media Marketing – Social Media has become something very crucial in today's businesses. If your VA understands your business well enough, have them do your social media marketing. Whether you pay them per post or per page would depend on your needs but would be an easy task for them to take on.
  10. Newsletters & blogs – Many Virtual Assistants specialize in creative work such as newsletters and blogging. Give them topics you would like your blogs on and what type of information you would like on your newsletters. Since they have experience in writing, they usually deliver great content.
"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people." -Steve Jobs