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Companies Using Virtual Assistants: Who’s on the Bandwagon

Virtual Assistants seem to be all the rage these days. They offer niche services for companies at a bargain price and are experts in what they do. So why do companies invest in these services instead of hiring their own people? The answer is somewhat complex as various industries use these services for different things. Most VA companies, such as ExecVirtual Assistants, offer a wide range of services; things like call forwarding, email response, bookkeeping, research and scheduling tasks. All the things that can add up to be an uncomfortable administrative burden. Therein lies the potential advantages to this service, you free yourself and your employees up to focus on the aspects of your business that can keep it growing.  So who uses it?

Professional Services (accountants, attorneys, consultants):

This sector has been a staunch supporter of virtual assistant services. A big part of overhead for those operating in this space is the office work. Lawyers and accountants spend a lot of time checking and reviewing things like their own scheduling and phone calls. When the phones are answered by ExecVirtual Assistants and the scheduling is completed, the professionals can schedule more appointments and manage their time effectively.

They don’t even have to worry about responding and sorting their own email, as virtual assistants can do this also. This is especially useful for small businesses on a budget who are trying to grow. They need to invest their resources in marketing and closing prospective clients, not reviewing the books every week.

Social Media Marketing and Bookkeeping (Charities):

Charities might seem like an odd choice to use this service, but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. Charities have very limited funds (their job is to use their cash to help people) and need a suite of services for a bargain.  In fact, over 30% of charities now use VA services and this number has been on the upswing in recent years. Database entries and bookkeeping are of special interest which has to log donations and use data to map their projects.

Many times these are done on a national scale and these foundations need coordination. Social media coordination is also a huge new feature these companies are offering which can lead to massive success. Just think about the scope of something like the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. Social media marketing can help you get there.

 Bookkeeping (also very important) and when you’re working with so many volunteers, sometimes the motivation just isn’t there to be accurate. As these organizations must meet strict federal regulations to remain non-profits, their books have to be in order.

Virtual assistant services are in high demand and meet the needs of a variety of industries. Email response, online research, bookkeeping and scheduling are all important things when running a business. Virtual assistants take tasks like these and put them on autopilot. With the advent of technology, VA services are becoming more varied and more easily deliverable, which brings pricing down. This only adds to their attractiveness. With professional services industries now employing them by a wide margin (over 70% do) it’s clear there are some major benefits here. They’ll save on salary, liability, health insurance and best of all, time. And time is money.

About the author: My name is Jeff Besada and I am a freelance writer. I have been producing content for over four years now for websites and blogs, specifically in the financial services, marketing, real estate and healthcare industries. I am the proud father of two young children and live in the Greater Philadelphia area. I enjoy writing and sharing knowledge to help make businesses more successful.

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