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Your law firm should have a virtual receptionist. Here's why!

Since its first inception in the mid 80’s, the virtual assistant industry has seen high demand from companies, firms, and businesses in the United States. It can be frustrating these days to have distractions of little tasks that doesn't tally with the big task(s) you have at hand eating up your valuable time and also impeding your progress on that big task of yours. Imagine you as a lawyer losing your billable hours to miniature tasks.

Not having a virtual assistant these days is a no-brainer as far as efficiency and good time management is a priority.

Why does a law firm need a virtual receptionist?

According to a report in 2017, 30% of lawyers in the United States are interrupted 6-10 times during work hours on a daily basis. Further research suggested 23 minutes to be the time taken to for them to resume previous tasks.

Having a virtual receptionist saves you money, valuable time and resources, while also providing you an environment that encourages the growth of your team.

The benefits of using virtual receptionists can never be overlooked by any law firm that nurses the prospect of being efficient and cost-effective. Here are the benefits of using virtual receptionists: 

Reduced cost

In contrast to a full-time employee employed to preside over the responsibilities of phone coverage, legal customer support, and other mundane tasks, virtual receptionists cost much less to be implemented. In addition, virtual receptionists pave way for your legal staffs to focus on their primary assignments more diligently, thereby increasing the productivity of your firm while also limiting the company size and operating costs.

Customer care improvement

Considering how competitive the professional environment is, how your firm presented to potential clients/clients is very crucial to your firm’s reputation. Poor reception which is more likely with an employed staff due to multiple responsibilities will harm the reputation of your firm in a long run.

However, unlike employed staffs, virtual receptionists have the sole responsibility of handling your customer care responsibilities seamlessly, leaving no room for distractions an employed staff is more liable to face.

Customizable Service

A virtual telephone system with virtual receptionists in charge can unravel countless opportunities for law firms. Utilizing technology which is cloud-based, your firm will have the choice to set up telephone extensions for every individual in your team. This allows them to get contacted directly negating the stress of going through your receptionist who is in charge of the central line, while also costing you a fragment of what it costs to run a traditional landline telephone system.

Your virtual receptionist will also have the ability to utilize the digital setup for the transfer of calls easily and rapidly while also introducing callers before the transfer gets initiated. Along the line, your legal experts have the opportunity to get ready or, in the event of being inaccessible, they can relay a scheduled time for call-back to the caller as soon as they are available.

With all said above, you should see enough reasons why you need virtual receptionists in your law firm.


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